At the age of four, children generally start to attend pre-school. Some children have difficulty separating from their parents and caregivers the first few days. Once they learn that their family will return to get them, they feel safe at school. The four year old child can play games using their skills such as kicking and catching. They begin to learn colors, shapes. counting, letter names and some children will begin to read the words for familiar objects and concepts. This child generally takes care of his or toileting needs and freely interacts with other adults and children.

1. LCFSAge4 

Can kick a ball


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2. Can catch a ball

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3. Jumps off a bed and lands on feet

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4. Draw circles and squares

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5. LCFSAge4CognitiveUses the bathroom independently

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6. Names some colors

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7. Counts to 10

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8. LCFSAge4LanguageUses the words “me” and “you”



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9. Can tell pieces of a favorite story

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10. Asks questions

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11. LCFSYear4SocialPlays with other children

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12. Can dress self

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13. Positively responds to people such as teachers and other community leaders (firefighters, police officers, etc.)

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