They can run, wash their hands, and feed themselves very easily. They talk freely and name the toys with which they want to play. They carry on conversations with adults and begin to talk about the books which they have read to them. They freely go with familiar people – especially family members – and have a daily routine which they can easily follow.



Able to run


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Can ride a tricycle


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Turns the water faucet on and off



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Turns the page of a book


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5. LCFSYear3Cognitive

Plays pretend with dolls and other toys (possibly an imaginary friend)


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Identifies colors as named by the adult. For example, “Find the red shoe”



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Can count to 3


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8. LCFSYear3Language

Easy to understand when talking


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Carries on a short conversation of 2-3 sentences


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Points to favorite pictures in books and names them


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11. LCFSYear3Social

Like changes in daily routines



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Willing to go somewhere with a familiar person such as grandfather or grandmother


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Easily goes from crying to laughing when they have a “boo-boo”


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