In an effort to support positive social and behavioral development in young children, Lancaster County First Steps implemented the Incredible Years Program at Clinton Elementary and the Southside Early Childhood Center. The Incredible Years has been effective in reducing children’s aggression and behavioral problems in early childhood classrooms and at home. The Incredible Years program provides 14 weeks of group training for parents, with an emphasis on positive parenting strategies that promote children’s social skills.

31 families were trained in the Best Practice, Incredible Years Parenting Curriculum
• 72 % reported an increase in praising instead of criticism and negative commands
• 84% reported an increase in effective limit-setting vs. spanking and harsh discipline
• 76% reported a reduction in parental depression and increases in parental self-confidence
• 86% reported a reduction in conduct problems


“The parenting classes were great. I think every class that I have attended was wonderful. I have learned so much that helped me and I also learned a lot that helped me to teach my children. The parenting class was a great ideal. I loved it. When my children leave Southside I will still continue to come to the parenting classes. Thank you for all the help.”
A. Stewart
Parent in Early Heard Start Parenting Class

TIP FOR PARENTS: A new feature has been developed by early childhood experts through the Parents as Teachers National Center to address questions or concerns for any parents of children birth through Kindergarten age by way of an individual free video-chat session. You can even schedule an individual session on line at this address or you can go to and click on the scrolling strip on the landing page that describes the partnership with Google Helpouts!