The following has been proven through research: 1) Increases in parent positive affect such as praise and reduced use of criticism and negative commands, 2) Increases in parent use of effective limit-setting by replacing spanking and harsh discipline with non-violent discipline techniques and increased monitoring of children, 3) Reductions in parental depression and increases in parental self-confidence, 4) Increases in positive family communication and problem solving, 5) Reduced conduct problems in children’s interactions with parents and increases in their positive affect and compliance to parental commands.

In an effort to support positive social and behavioral development in young children, Lancaster County First Steps implemented the Incredible Years Program at Clinton Elementary and the Southside Early Childhood Center. The Incredible Years has been effective in reducing children’s aggression and behavioral problems in early childhood classrooms and at home. The Incredible Years program provides 14 weeks of group training for parents, with an emphasis on positive parenting strategies that promote children’s social skills.

The Incredible Years program was selected as a “Model” Strengthening Families program by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)m as an “exemplary” program by the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention and as a “Blueprints” program by OJJDP. The programs have also been recommended by the Home Office in UK as one of the evidenced based interventions for antisocial behavior and by Sure Start as a recommended program for families with children under five years. As such, the series has been subject to quality reviews by independent groups of scientists, evidenced excellent effectiveness in multiple randomized control group studies, and attained high overall consumer satisfaction ratings.

Responsive and Nurturing Parenting Sets the Stage for Children’s Social, Emotional and Academic Development!